“Where is my India?’ That is Bapu’s cry. All his efforts seem to him fruitless when the land he so cherished is partitioned. Dealing with the last days of Gandhiji’s life, the play brings forth his disillusionment with his own people in the Congress party --- how he was betrayed by the very people in whom he had great faith and whom he loved the most. Bhanu Bharti’s Bapu is the sole performer on the stage. It is his intense soliloquy --- a soliloquy of disillusionment, that allows no wavering of the audience attention from the soft and continuous narration. Written by playwright, Nand Kishore Acharya, the dialogue never lets us forget that this kind of questioning can only come from a man whose lifelong convictions helped a nation become free. Bhanu Bharti says, ”Gandhi was a man of few possessions, and so I had very few props. It brought home the frugality we come to associate with Bapu.”