Dehantar is based on the story of Yayati in the Mahabharata, who finds his old age intolerable. Then his son, Puru, offers to redeem him by accepting his father's age in exchange for his own youth. This play, based on Nand Kishore Acharya’s classic, is a memorable portrayal of the ensuing trauma when Sharmishta, Yayati's wife refuses to accept the altered reality of a husband who flaunts the youth of her son. Yayati is persuaded to return the young body back to his son. But Puru, ashamed of the lust he had known for his own mother during this exchange, is left shattered forever.

Dehantar is an intensely poetic study of the human predicament that cannot distinguish identity from the body. The adept directorial expertise of Bhanu Bharti was evident in every scene of the play. It featured Sindhu Mishra, Bhupesh Pandya, Charul Laul, Shyam Kishore, Rama and Ketan Prakash.