Naachni is the conversation of a folk dancer with an absent daughter. It unfolds the drama of her life in rural fairs and the mehfils of feudal lords in the nineteen forties and fifties. Denied even the basic emotional needs of a human being, she reinvents herself to carve out her own identity as a dancer. And, in this process, we discover that she has invented a daughter who probably never existed. Naachni is the story of a dancer who becomes a woman of almost epic dimensions, who passes on a tragic but a rich legacy of the art of a dancer. It is Sindhu Mishra who portrays Naachni to the choreography of Kiran Segal.
“Bhanu Bharti’s “Naachni” traces the yearnings of a woman. Revolving around the life of a court dancer subjected to the vagaries of the male-dominated society, the play makes strong statements about the liberty of women. In his case, art becomes the tool for the protagonist’s emancipation.”
The Tribune, Chandigarh, November 9, 2004.
“The script, by Bhanu Bharti who has also directed the play, projects Naachni, who emerges as a creative person and out of her emotional debris, away from the vultures, to affirm an artiste’s will to survive, to be in tune with the changing times and dance to the songs of life and happiness. The playwright has not only intricately defined his protagonist but has also provided a social perspective that lends authenticity to the character.” The Hindu, May 9, 2008.